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Mom Names

One of the more difficult things has been picking out mom names.  Now that I say that, I feel guilty.  I am not the one who has been getting poked and prodded and inseminated  since June 2009.  I’m not the one that’s been carrying a baby for 8 months.  Picking my mom name is hard enough.  That’s why I didn’t sign up for all that other stuff.

Originally, we were going to be Mama Dub and Mama L. Yes, we got that from The L Word.  My partner’s name starts with W, and mine starts with L.  I really like the name Mama Dub.  I think it’s cute.  However, I don’t think a baby should have to say 2 words or 3 syllables for the mom name.  It sounds too difficult for a child.

When people would ask what my mom name is going to be, I would say, “Coach Howe.”  I guess as a way to out smart ass me, Wendy or one of our close friends would respond to that by saying, “Umm, she’s going to be called Daddy.”  As a result, I don’t reply with that answer anymore.  It was funny while it lasted.

We are still undecided on our mom names.  People say that our baby is going to call us whatever she wants to call us.  I do think we have to give her ideas to get her started.  I know this is wrong, but this is what I do.  I analyze the 2 names together, and I come up with my opinions of all the negative consequences of the names.

I don’t like mama and mommy, because I’m afraid I won’t remember which one I am.

Early on, we talked about Maddy and Dommy.  Those are hybrids of Mommy and Daddy.  It’s not very personal though.

I don’t like words that rhyme, because I’m afraid that the child will have a hard time pronouncing the syllables.  For example, mama and lala.  I think the words will be difficult for a baby to distinguish.  We are still thinking about using the first letter of one or both of our names to make our mom names.

Friends have given us suggestions for my name like  Lee Lee and Lala.  I also thought of Lolly.  The problem with Lolly is that it could be confused for a grandma name.  (I will talk about that later.)  I also thought of Lama, which I like, but it has been heavily ridiculed.  I like Lommy, but it could have the same result as Lolly.

One of our friends told us about her friends that are called Mama & Mia.  I like it, but I don’t want to be Mia, and I think Wendy should be Mama.  One of Wendy’s coworkers told her that we could not steal those mom names from another couple.  I loved Wendy’s response when she said, “Straight people have the same mom & dad names.  We can have common mom names as another couple.”

Wendy has also recommended Madre (Spanish), Mere (French), and Eema (Hebrew).  I like the idea, but I don’t really have a personal connection with any of those languages.

Just to mention it briefly, because I am sure it will come up again… I do think when Wendy and I are out with our daughter that some people will think I am the grandma.  If our baby is calling me Lolly, it will look and sound like I am the grandma.  Mama Dub & Mama L are starting to sound good again.

We have birthing class this weekend.  We are not looking forward to it, but I’m sure it will give me some good material for my next entry.


Comments on: "Mom Names" (3)

  1. Michelle said:

    I hate to tell you girls, but that baby is going to call you what she wants to call you! 🙂 Connor calls me mama and Cade calls me mommy. Connor calls my mother (who he loves probably more than me) Shirley! How about those apples. Why can’t she call you both mommy…or mama? I called my mother mama and my grandmother mama

  2. Diane Berger said:

    Lisa, you are such a wonderful writer and this is such a great subject to share. I look forward to reading more.


  3. Amanda said:

    I can totally see how this could be a complicated issue. We’ll all need to know how to refer to both of you when we speak to Hope, too.
    BUT- Michelle is right. She’s going to call you what she wants. Both Hollis and Frankie used the term DadO very naturally, even though we never called Billy DadO.
    The N and D sounds are some of the first sounds that babies seem to make… followed by M. The tongue hits the roof of the mouth for those N & D sounds, just like it hits the roof of the mouth when it’s surrounding a nipple during feeding… so, when you’re considering what to call yourselves, you might consider what it’s going to be easiest for the baby to say. The L sound might not be as easy for Hope to pronounce as M or D…

    Mama and Dama? Mama and Mami? Gosh… charting new territory!

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