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Waiting for Hope

Wendy and Hope got a great evaluation from the ultrasound and the doctor today.  Both are well and hydrated.  We are sticking to the plan of Wednesday at 8:00.  The doctor said Hope will probably be delivered around 8:20.

I think Wendy was ready to go straight to delivery.  I was pretty happy to stick to the original plan.

Wendy and I will do our best to keep e-mails, texts, blog, and facebooks updated.  We will be in the recovery room for a few hours after surgery without phones or computers, so there will be a little delay.

Someone’s Gotta Do It

I have managed to over-react to any little changes.  On Thursday, Wendy’s cramps escalated to a different level.  They were more intense and seemed to have some changes in frequency and duration, which is also known as a (more…)

T-minus 7 Days

stress fracture

With 7 days to go until the scheduled arrival of Hope, I want to post more frequently this week.  I plan to keep them short, but with me, you never know.

Originally, Wendy was going to work all week this week.  After a very uncomfortable weekend with little sleep, she decided to make Monday her last day.   (more…)

Finishing Touches

We went shopping for nursery decor.  We continue to get gifts – both new and hand-me-downs.  I find myself constantly arranging and decorating the nursery.  I told Wendy that Hope’s room is a revolving door of mess.  She replied with, (more…)

Human Error

36 weeks

Wendy has gestational diabetes.  She has it under control with diet and exercise.  She does not have to take insulin, but she doesn’t get to satisfy her cravings for pasta, pizza, chocolate, ice cream, fruit juice, or cereal.  I joke with Wendy about how special she is, because less than 10% of pregnant women get gestational diabetes.

With gestational diabetes, the risks are (more…)


As I was mentally preparing to write a post about the number of projects which have come up while making room for baby, I had an emergency project arise.  Maybe project is an exaggerated term, but that’s how I feel.

Last week, I assembled the bassinet on wheels.  The allen wrench is both a blessing and a curse.  We had gotten some toddler dishes at our shower.  They were sitting on the kitchen table, and I decided to wash them and put them away.  There was no cabinet space for plates, bowls, or sippy cups.  I didn’t think about the baby needing kitchen cabinet space.  After looking through the cabinets, I decided that we had two bar spaces.  We had a cupboard full of bar glasses, and we had bottles of liquor in a different cupboard.  When I combined the two, it required getting rid of some glasses.  I packed up 6 cactus marg (more…)

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