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As I was mentally preparing to write a post about the number of projects which have come up while making room for baby, I had an emergency project arise.  Maybe project is an exaggerated term, but that’s how I feel.

Last week, I assembled the bassinet on wheels.  The allen wrench is both a blessing and a curse.  We had gotten some toddler dishes at our shower.  They were sitting on the kitchen table, and I decided to wash them and put them away.  There was no cabinet space for plates, bowls, or sippy cups.  I didn’t think about the baby needing kitchen cabinet space.  After looking through the cabinets, I decided that we had two bar spaces.  We had a cupboard full of bar glasses, and we had bottles of liquor in a different cupboard.  When I combined the two, it required getting rid of some glasses.  I packed up 6 cactus margarita glasses to take to the Good Will.  I think this is the last thing you do before purchasing a mini-van.

As I am in the middle of this project, Wendy calls me and says that she just called the doctor because she has been having cramps for 3 hours or more.  PANIC!  I go in the nursery and realize that while it looks cute, it is not very functional.  I start putting diapers and wipes in place and realize that the bottles are in boxes in the closet.

I have bought a couple of different feeding systems.  I plan to go through them one at a time (if needed) and return any system that we don’t use.  We are starting with the PlayTex drop in system.  It was the most highly recommended on the internet.  When I finally opened the boxes and realized that you throw away a liner after each use, I was disappointed.  That is so unlike me, but if it works for the baby, I will get over it.

Baby bottles.  I didn’t think of cabinet space for baby bottles and nipples and liners, etc.  I packed up another 6 wine glasses to take with the margarita glasses.  Everything is clean.  Everything has its place.  The nursery is much more functional, and the changing table is prepared.

Back to the state of panic… I found the list of items to pack that we got from the birthing class.  I stacked up some clothes for Wendy.  I could put them in a bag if I needed.  Hopefully, I wouldn’t forget to pack toiletries.  I needed to pack a baby bag.  This is when I begin to think I have a problem.  I’m sure the hospital will be providing everything we need while we are there, so I only need to pack what we need to get her home.  The class suggested packing a couple of baby blankets, so I pack a blanket and a swaddle.  Wendy and I have not picked out Hope’s coming home outfit, so I pack a couple of different ensembles with matching socks, shoes, and bibs.  I decide to go ahead and put in diaper changing supplies and a couple of pacifiers.  While getting more acquainted with this fancy bag, I find about 12 more compartments, so I rearrange the contents in the bag to see if it fits better.  Then, I rearrange everything again.  I may or may not have rearranged the bag a few more times.

That bag is nothing compared to the number of times I have reorganized the basement storage closet.  That was my emergency project yesterday.  It rained sideways, and we got water in the basement closet.  I had to move some things out and dry them.  The Christmas trees are out, so it looks festive down there.  The car seat and bases have been out since the phone call.

Finally, Wendy is fine.  Again, that’s always easy for me to say.  Hope is measuring approximately 6 pounds, 10 ounces.  Wendy is uncomfortable.  There is a lot of pressure, and she has to drink what seems like gallons of water.  Bless her heart!


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  1. Lynn Noel said:

    Well, gals, as the mother of four I can only say that this is just the beginning of interuptions and adjustments in your life……”The best of times and the worst of times!”
    (Apologies to Charles Dickens!)

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