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I have managed to over-react to any little changes.  On Thursday, Wendy’s cramps escalated to a different level.  They were more intense and seemed to have some changes in frequency and duration, which is also known as a contraction.  Thank goodness for birthing class.  The doctor has given us advice on how to stop Braxton Hicks contractions and also how to tell the difference between real labor and false labor.  In the afternoon, the doctor’s tricks seemed to help, and Wendy was not experiencing as much pain.  However, Thursday night, the tricks of chugging water, lying on her left side, changing her activity, etc. did not seem to help. Wendy was experiencing some intense pains in new regions of her body.

That night, I sat down with the watch to help Wendy time her contractions.  Having 1 minute contractions, 5 minutes apart for over an hour means call the doctor.  She then told me that her current contraction had been going on for over a minute.  I said, “Call the doctor.”  Then, she said she couldn’t tell when they started and stopped.  Then, she said they weren’t taking her breath away, even though she couldn’t talk when the pain first struck.  I got angry, and I said, “I’m just trying to help you.”  I left the room, and I started cleaning and tidying like a madwoman.

I cleaned the bathrooms.  I went through files.  I took out the recycle.  I filled 2 bags to take to GoodWill.  Crazy stuff!

At the same time, Wendy was trying to figure out if her water broke.  It was a long confusing night.  Wendy got up every hour to use the bathroom.

We went to the doctor on Friday morning.  The ultrasound showed that the amount of amniotic fluid had decreased, but no membranes had broken.  The doctor said Hope should make it through the weekend, and she did.

Wendy’s parents on their way to Nashville as I type.  We are going for an ultrasound this afternoon.  When they measure the amount of amniotic fluid, the doctor will decide if he will deliver Hope today or wait until Wednesday.  If there has been further decrease in amniotic fluid, then Hope will need to be delivered today.  If the fluid amounts are safe, then we will stick with the original plan.  Wendy and I have our bags packed, and we will take them with us to the appointment today.

One more example of my over reacting happened yesterday at our Easter brunch.  Our friends were late to brunch, because their 6 month old daughter had a fever.  They got there, and we were eating, and they said Baby B had a 103 degree fever.  I thought I was going to choke on my ham and hash brown casserole.  I was ready to call 911.  I told everyone about my panicked condition.  We talked about books, advice, pediatricians, nurses, etc.

I really did not expect myself to be like this.  I am very even keeled.  I don’t get extremely excited, happy, or mad about anything.  This has been pretty funny to see myself react this way.  Hopefully, I will not be some crazy neurotic mom.  I know I won’t be, but this is such new territory for me, I don’t always know what to do.  I usually think I know everything, so I am definitely out of my element.  I’m sure I will get better and learn quickly.

Finally, I cleaned out the freezer last night.

Easter Bunny Cake


Comments on: "Someone’s Gotta Do It" (3)

  1. Charity said:

    Funny! You will over react about everything, it is normal! I had the same thing happen and I was diagnosed with eclampsia it was awful, & I had to be put on all kinds of stuff! Please please call me if this is the case, I will help you both understand this differently! And help if needed, since this is serious. Love you ladies. I am going to call Wendy now.

  2. Leslie L said:

    Oh, I just almost can’t stand it…I am sitting here reading thinking, “Hope could be on her way RIGHT NOW!”

    Loved the post, Lisa! Very enjoyable. I am still like that so don’t worry – hahahaha!

  3. Well…how’d the US go this afternoon?? Hopefully she’ll want to cook a couple more days.

    Exciting stuff!!

    I can see why you are more excitable over Hope than other things. You are bringing LIFE into the world and you want EVERYTHING to be as perfect as possible. Plus you love Wendy so much and you want the same for her, as well. I think it’s a great sign…it shows your true passion!

    I’ll be sending positive wishes and thoughts your way over the next few days 🙂

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