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I’m going to cheat on this entry.  I sent a former co-worker an e-mail today.  We had not talked in a while.  She had a lot of questions, and I had many things to tell her.  Here is part of my e-mail to her.

Motherhood is amazing.  As soon as I think I’ve got it down, Hope does something to throw me off, so yes, it is exhausting.  Wendy is doing great and looking great.  She said she has had a couple of breakdowns, but she is so good with the baby.  I have 2 funny stories for you.
Most of my nesting was for naught.  Everything was put away and organized too well and not functional enough.  I had every bottle organized in the cabinet.  Not only was it not functional, but we changed our bottling system to something with a different nipple, because Hope is a SLOW eater.  I had to redo the whole cabinet.  I also had to redo Hope’s dresser.  I had put in drawers all the clothes from newborn to 0-3 months.  She can only wear newborn, and we couldn’t find which clothes fit her, because the drawer was packed with so many clothes that were too big.  Bottles, diapers, clothes, wipes, breasts, pacifiers, etc. must be immediately accessible.  If it’s not available immediately, we have a screaming, crying baby.  Not always, but it happens.
Also, May 16th is our original anniversary before we had the ceremony last year.  We started our current relationship on Mother’s Day 9 years ago.  Last night around 10:00, Wendy asked me what day it was.  I said the 16th and continued doing what I was doing, and she continued doing what she was doing.  Then, I walked in the room where Wendy was, and I said, “May 16th was our original anniversary date.”  We had both forgotten.
While Hope is consuming, I’m so happy to have this experience with Wendy.  We have very few obligations, other than Hope, and it is making the whole experience better than I expected and wonderful for both of us.  Maybe all 3 of us.
I plan to spend tomorrow packing for our trip to SanFrancisco and determining exactly what to leave at home and what we can’t live without.  It should be interesting.

Comments on: "e-mail to a Friend" (2)

  1. She is precious!! It sounds like y’all are doing just right for first-time moms. 🙂 You definitely have to find the groove that works for you — you can hear all the advice from everyone, but what works for you is always the right answer.

    Hope you have a great trip!! [This will be a time you’re so glad to be breastfeeding. Really makes plane travel easier when you can soothe them that way.]

  2. Love her little shoes. So tiny and sweet!! I can see where few obligations would give you so much more time to enjoy her, and each other. Very nice.

    Happy Anniversary.

    I hope you guys have a great trip!!

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