inside the mind of the mom next door

I am going to write about our day today.  I promise to add an entry soon about our trip and travel.

Hope has been spitting up a lot lately.  She has even projectile vomited a few times.  We think we are feeding her too much.  Once she starts something, she doesn’t like to stop.  Once she starts sleeping, she likes to keep sleeping.  Once she starts eating, she likes to keep eating.

Hope falls asleep while she is breast feeding, but she wakes up when we burp her or shortly thereafter.  When she finds out, she is not eating anymore, she cries.  She stops crying if we continue to feed her, so most often, that is what we do.  We’ve been doing that for a while.  After I fed her 6 ounces last night and well more than 6 ounces this morning, Wendy got concerned and looked on line.

She found a laundry list of things to check.  Bottles and nipples, brand of formula, mom’s diet, etc, etc.  An article said it was average for a baby to eat 8 times a day, 3 ounces each time.  Hope does eat about 8 times a day, but there are a few times a day when she eats far more than 3 ounces.  Now that I think of it, those are the times when she spits up.

Today, we began changing our behavior at the end of feedings.  If Hope woke up out of her milk daze and cried, we pacified her instead of feeding her.  It has involved a lot of crying but much less spitting up.  Hopefully, this will get easier tomorrow.

Related to this same topic, Hope has grown out of her newborn clothes.  It was kind of sad today as I rotated her newborn clothes out and her 0-3 month clothes in.  I wish I could change my entire wardrobe so easily.  There were some newborn clothes she never got to wear, because they were short sleeve, and she has been wearing long sleeves, especially in San Francisco.  The trip was great!  I will post again soon.


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