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She Changes so Quickly

I remember there were some strong opinions about the pacifier.  To use or not to use the pacifier.  We used it after a couple of days, and Hope could hardly go without it.  Wendy and I called it the pacifier game.  Hope would sit in her lamb and her pacifier would fall out for whatever reason, and she would cry until one of us put it back in her mouth.  She could do this for hours.  Sometimes someone would sit right by her so the pacifier could be replaced immediately without having to get up and down. (more…)

Our “Special” Girl

Hope is 7 weeks old today.  The stump of her umbilical cord (more…)

Hope Flies

Packing for our 6 day trip to California caused more anxiety than usual.  I didn’t know how many diapers to pack, how many bottles to take on the plane, whether or not to take the stroller, etc.  I didn’t know what to expect going through security. (more…)

Random Updates

A few years ago, during a team bonding activity, I took a personality test called True Colors.  It changed my life. (more…)

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