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Hope is 7 weeks old today.  The stump of her umbilical cord fell off yesterday.  I like to say she had a strong attachment to it.  Yes, she had her cord for 6 weeks and 6 days.  Less than 10% of babies keep their cord more than 4 weeks.

Remember Wendy had gestational diabetes?  I read a study that said less than 10% of women get gestational diabetes.

Hope was born with a tethered tongue.  Less than 10% of babies are tongue tied.

I’m not sure if it’s good or bad, but we are really beating the odds.  That’s why we say Hope is special.

Wendy has soccer camp in the mornings this week, so I have Hope by myself from about 7am until noon.  Hope’s cord popped off while I was cleaning it with alcohol and pushing on it a little.  I was worried that I pulled it off, which they tell you not to do.  There was no blood, no pain.  That thing was so dry.  It was ready to come off.

People were shocked when we would tell them Hope still had her cord.  They would immediately ask if we were putting alcohol on it or if we were getting it wet, like it was our fault that it hadn’t fallen off.  Actually, we probably got it too wet during some of the sponge baths, and it didn’t get enough air, because she wore onesies for the first month.  We didn’t have any newborn shirts or dresses.  There was never any infection, and her belly button looks fine, I think.  Now, Hope gets to take a big girl bath, and she gets to go in the swimming pool.  Yay!  I can’t wait to write about that.

Hope still keeps us on our toes.  I was bragging that her night time feedings were lasting only 30 minutes.  I might be up feeding her 12:00-12:30 and again 4:30-5:00.  Then, she was up from 2am to 4am just last night.  I think she is awake and alert more during the day and putting together some good stretches of sleep at night.  With that, came grumpy afternoons.  She has been pretty demanding in the afternoons.  Today, she slept the afternoon away, so I’m not sure what to expect tonight.

Wendy and Hope went to a press conference with me on Monday.  There were 3 cameras there from tv stations, and we allowed them to video her.  She was passed out in her stroller.  I don’t think I will allow her to have the same exposure when she knows what’s going on.  We don’t need a child star on our hands.


Comments on: "Our “Special” Girl" (3)

  1. KRYSTIN said:

    Bryant sleep schedule was like that. Then he would get up just once ( between the time we put him down and 7 am). Just last night he went a full 8 hours. We do however formula.feed my milk stopped producing at 5 weeks…that sucked!

  2. I love that picture!

    You guys truly are the faces of lesbian moms, in Nashville, and beyond! What a positive, NORMAL, family you are letting the world see. It makes me smile. I think it’s great you are advocating for what is right. I was surprised FOX News told about your blog…yet another way for people to see something GOOD.

  3. Michelle said:

    Cade kept his cord for a long time…It made me feel like I wasn’t cleaning it enough! AND I had gestational diabetes too! Two times!

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