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I remember there were some strong opinions about the pacifier.  To use or not to use the pacifier.  We used it after a couple of days, and Hope could hardly go without it.  Wendy and I called it the pacifier game.  Hope would sit in her lamb and her pacifier would fall out for whatever reason, and she would cry until one of us put it back in her mouth.  She could do this for hours.  Sometimes someone would sit right by her so the pacifier could be replaced immediately without having to get up and down.

We would try to find ways to wedge her pacifier in her swaddle at night so even if it fell out of her mouth, it was still where she could reach it.  We would try to do the same with the side of her bassinet.

Nothing soothed Hope like her pacifier, and I assumed she would take one to college with her.  I could see her being a thumb sucker, and going to 1st grade sucking her thumb. (No offense, Marcy.)

For the last week, I can’t get Hope to take a pacifier.  She used one in her car seat a couple of days ago, and that is the only time in over a week.  So, we didn’t have to fear that just because we used the pacifier in the first week that we had scarred her for life.

Hope used to ride in her stroller in her car seat.  Now she sits in the stroller by itself.  She is not exactly stable, but she isn’t going to fall out or get hurt.

Hope did not like her swing.  It is the greatest swing and takes up half the living room, but she did not enjoy it.  I finally got the seat adjusted for an infant that can’t hold herself up.  We had her wedged into the seat, because she was being thrown from side to side.  I saw a picture of the same swing on facebook, and I saw a baby lying in the swing seat.  Then I found the adjustment on our swing, and I was so excited that Hope would be more comfortable and love her swing.  She didn’t love it.  We had gone a long time without using the swing, and I was about to give up.  I adjusted the seat to swing front to back instead of side to side.  Hope will put up with it.  She doesn’t look like she is enjoying herself, but she doesn’t cry, and she eventually falls asleep, so I consider it a success.

We have been taking Hope to our neighbor’s pool, but she just sits in her Peapod (it’s like a tent) sweating while Wendy and I enjoy staying comfortable in the pool.  She couldn’t get in the pool because of her umbilical cord.  I know, we’re terrible moms.  I don’t think we ever stayed more than 45 minutes.  Finally, Hope was going to join us in the pool.  Even though we walk the distance of 2 houses, going to the pool is similar to packing for a weekend vacation.  It would be nice to get to stay longer.  We got packed up and over to the pool, and the water temperature had dropped 10 degrees because of a rainstorm the previous day.  Hope was sleeping in her stroller in the shade, but she didn’t get to get in the pool, because the water was just too cold.  We stayed less than an hour, and brought all of our gear back home.  To make us even worse moms, we didn’t take a picture of Hope in her swimsuit.  She looked so cute!  No doubt, there will be another opportunity for pictures and swimming.

Tomorrow, Hope is going to her first Pride Festival.  Wendy likes to say, “Not her last.”  I will have pictures and stories next week.


Comments on: "She Changes so Quickly" (2)

  1. This reminded me of parents I have heard say their kids liked the boxes their Christmas presents came in better than what was in them.

    What awesome neighbors you have!! It’s going to be a long summer, I’m sure you’ll have more opportunities to get her in the water again.

    I wish we could have met you @ Pride…I went by the TEP booth but did not see you. I got your Tweet just as we were leaving, so we headed to the Hard Rock and had a couple of drinks to celebrate the day! 🙂

    • Bummer! I should have thought of meeting sooner. I was already home when I saw your tweet. Glad you went to Hard Rock. They were a great sponsor.

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