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More Than One

Recently, we have been spending time with people who have more than one young child.  I have a whole new respect for those parents!  To name a few of them… Holleman (2), Mahaffey (2), Holleman (3 including a set of twins), Priddy (2 less than a year apart), and another Holleman(7).  Wendy and I went into this thinking we would have more than one.  We’re still leaning in that direction.  We pay closer attention to the challenges of having two children close to the same age.  I am constantly reminded of our experience at the Nashville Fertility Clinic.

Wendy took a mild fertility drug called Femara during the process.  We don’t want to be the octomom or anything.  Femara gives her a chance to have more than one mature egg when she ovulates.  To give you the details, Wendy would take a pill of Femara on days 2-5 (or 3-6, I don’t remember exactly) of her menstrual cycle.  She would have an ultrasound sometime around day 13 to see if she was ovulating and had mature eggs in her ovaries.  The nurse would tell us how many eggs were in each ovary and how many were mature.  The nurse would measure each egg.  Wendy would get a shot of HCG (I think that’s what it was called.  It’s a hormone.)  Then, she would get inseminated the next day.

Wendy had some crazy numbers of eggs over the course of a year.  I think she may have had 3 mature eggs one time.  She had 2 mature eggs a few times, and always had at least one mature egg.  While only one or two of them were mature, one month, she had 7 eggs in her left ovary and none in her right.  That month, she was instructed not to run or do any high impact exercise.  Actually, Wendy thought she was pregnant that month, because she was so uncomfortable, especially after meals.  Those 7 eggs, unfertilized, eventually had to pass through to her uterus.

Holleman cousins

While it was difficult for me to know how to feel after inseminations and how to react after a negative pregnancy test, I can’t imagine how it was month after month both emotionally and physically for Wendy.

Being with so many children lately, the story I am reminded of is this.  When we would go in for the insemination, the nurse would look at the ultrasound.  If there was more than one mature egg, she would say, “You know there is a slight chance you could have multiples.”  When you are paying to get pregnant, I call that a 2 for 1.  They never said twins.  They always said multiples.  We heard this several times.

When Wendy had a positive pregnancy test, she called the Fertility Center.  They scheduled an appointment to have an ultrasound, and they said, “If you are pregnant with one or two, you will begin seeing your ob/gyn.  If you are pregnant with 3 or more, you will continue coming to the Fertility Center.”  THREE OR MORE!  At the time, we laughed.  However, having one child already, having multiples is no laughing matter.

Hats off to families with young children who are close in age.  I don’t know how you do it.  Wendy and I don’t plan to put ourselves through that.  I think Hope will have a younger sibling by 3 or 4 years.  My sister and I are 4 years apart.  I do know that Wendy and I will plan as much as we can and do what we can, and the rest will be out of our control.


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  1. I often think “could we even handle (afford) 2 kids”? It’s overwhelming!! I think pre-planning is the best thing to do. My best friend had a two year old when she got preggo with her 2nd child…turned out that 2nd child is two sweet baby girls-TWINS! No fertility drugs used. What a circus she has! I honestly do not think I could do what she does. She can never go to the grocery with all 3 kids, or anywhere without help, for that matter.

    Did you freeze any of Wendy’s eggs for the 2nd go ’round? Will you use the same donor?

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