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Just a quick update on a road trip we took a few weeks ago…  We made the 3.5 hour drive to Jacksonville, AL to see friends.  Hope is very good in the car.  She sleeps the whole time.  Hope sleeps in the car no matter how long the trip.  She is usually asleep by the time we get to the interstate.

We have a mirror in the back seat so the driver can look in the rear view mirror and see Hope’s reflection in the mirror in the back.  I installed it before we drove to Texas.  I’m not sure how necessary it is, but it was nice to have for the long trip, and it does give us peace of mind.  However, it is a distraction!  The first time I used it, I just wanted to look at Hope the whole time.  She looks cute while she sleeps, makes a funny facial expression, does something funny with her hands, etc.  I would definitely find myself looking at Hope too much while driving.  Use with caution.

Like most products in the baby industry, the makers of this mirror have thought of everything.  It comes with a remote.  The remote turns on music, so the baby can listen to a lullaby.  Hope does not need a lullaby in the car.  The mirror has a light on it so you can see the baby in the dark.  The remote turns the light on, and the light automatically dims in a few seconds.  Our baby products have more bells and whistles than my car.

Hope enjoyed meeting new people in Jacksonville.  She was at ease in our host’s house, in restaurants, on our walks, on our driving tour.  She enjoyed being held and loved by friends.  Hope now has some Jacksonville State clothes in her wardrobe.  She is waiting to grow into her JSU, Princeton, Texas, and Vanderbilt clothes.  She outgrew her Tennessee Titans, Texas Rangers, and Dallas Mavericks onesies before she ever got to wear them.  I’ve been told we can expect “Roll Tide” wear in the future.  It will be funny to me to see all the different influences in her wardrobe.

The car was packed with portable crib, portable swing, diapers, bottles, breast pump, 2 strollers.  Other than the packing, Hope is a low maintenance traveller, for now.

Wendy and I have fond memories of Jacksonville and Jacksonville State.  It was nice to spend time with our daughter in the place where we met and where or relationship evolved.  It was wonderful to see some of our dearest and oldest friends!


Comments on: "Sweet Home Alabama" (3)

  1. Connie said:

    I HOPE by saying oldest you don’t mean “in age!!” I know I have gray hair but come on….give me a break!!! Thanks for sharing Hope with all of us. She is amazing and I have bragged about her to many people! You and Wendy are blessed with such a wonderful baby!! I love all three of you bunches!! And as always…GO GAMECOCKS!!

  2. Uncle T-WAYNE said:

    Uncle T-Wayne loved having Hope and 2 Moms in his home. I love you all more than you will ever know….and when Hope learns how to yell Roll Tide Roll I will love her even more if that is possible.

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