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I chose this title, because on Monday, Hope rolled over from her back to her tummy all by herself before she was 14 weeks old.  She had been rolling from her back to her side for a few days, but she did not look close to being able to go any further.  She rolled over 3 times on Monday.  Wendy and I were eating dinner the third time Hope rolled over on her tummy.  Hope does not like to spend much time on her tummy.  She gets tired and cries.  In the middle of dinner, I got up and put her back on her back.  I thought, “This is going to take the place of the pacifier game.  I’m going to have to get up, turn Hope over, sit back down, get back up, turn Hope over, etc.  My life will never be the same.”

However, Hope has not turned over since.  Wendy said that Hope turned over from her tummy to her back on Tuesday.  I missed it, but there has not been any turning since.

Arrington Vineyards

Hope had a doctor’s appointment yesterday.  He talked about starting Hope on food – cereal first.  The conversation caught me off guard, because I was thinking Hope would be 6 months or at least able to sit up on her own before she ate solid food.  Hope has reflux and spits up probably a little more than average, so the doctor said that starting solid food a little earlier will help her have less problems.  Also, Hope has gone from sleeping through the night to waking up hungry the last 3 nights.  The cereal will help satisfy her hunger and provide more vitamins and minerals as her needs increase.

I plan to make Hope’s baby food, so I have some research to do.  I need to get busy reading, because I don’t have as much time as I thought I would.  Let me make this clear.  I am not making cereal.  I plan on pureeing veggies and some fruits.  That shouldn’t be difficult.

I am looking forward to making Hope’s food.  I am the cook of the family, so it only makes sense.  I am confident that this is something I can do well.  I have not been confident in every aspect of caring for a baby.  I have improved with experience, but not everything has come naturally to me.  I couldn’t change a poopie diaper without getting it on me or Hope.  I can now.  It used to take me so long to change Hope’s clothes that she would usually be crying by the time I finished.  I couldn’t change a diaper or put clothes back on her in the dark.  My baby learning curve has been average.  I’m competent, but I wouldn’t win any races.

Hope laughs a lot more.  She had a very social weekend.  She went under water for the first time (well, since birth).

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Comments on: "Life in the Fast Lane, Slow Lane, Fast Lane…" (2)

  1. Melissa Jabin said:


    I hope your doctor told you that “cereal” comes in a Gerber box labeled rice & you add it to her formula first. They are tiny little translucent flakes…beginner food. This will help her sleep through the night again and spread out her feedings. Her poop will become more solid which is great! Kendall had reflux and was put on cereal at 3 months too. She never woke up during the night after that change was made to her diet. Such a blessing! Maybe baby food has changed greatly in the past 11 years, but I would check again with your doctor about pureeing food right now. If her diapers are muddy now, I can only imagine what they’d look like after peas or squash? From 3-6 months we did rice cereal in a box and at 6 months we started with the food in jars. You are a better mom than I was…I don’t have the patience for pureeing…too messy and not enough time. This should be a fun experience for you both! Good luck!


    If I totally read this wrong…Ignore me!

    • Yes, we’re all set with our box of Gerber cereal. The doctor said I could add one vegetable to her diet at a time. We are not going to feed her from a spoon until she can sit up in her Bumbo or in a high chair with towels or blankets, so it will be a few weeks, I’m sure.

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