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Hope with Sophie

Hope has a baby toy unlike any of her other baby toys.  It doesn’t rattle or crinkle or play music.  It’s not bright colors or soft and fuzzy.  It probably cost more than any of her other toys.  It is a French giraffe named Sophie (Sophie, la girafe).  Sophie squeaks when you squeeze her.  She is a very neutral color with neutral colored spots.  The giraffe feels more like a rubber ball than a stuffed animal.  Sophie came in a box with French writing.  Even though I took French in high school, I chose to read the English version of how Sophie is the best baby toy in the world.

This rubber squeaky toy giraffe is going to be easy for the baby to grip.  The baby is going to love the feel of this rubber toy in her hands and in her mouth.  The shape and size are going to teach the baby motor skills, especially hand to mouth movement.  The squeeze and squeak will teach the baby cause and effect.  I thought, “What a load of crap.”

Well, it’s true.  Because of the long skinny neck and skinny legs, Sophie is the first thing that Hope has been able to hold.  Because of the size and shape of the giraffe, it is the first thing Hope has been able to bring to her mouth.  It has a sensitive squeaker, so Hope is able to make it squeak.

I don’t know yet what the lifespan of this toy will be, but it has already accomplished what the box said it would do.  I don’t know how much Sophie costs, because she was given to Hope as a gift.  I would definitely recommend her.  C’est jouet phenomene!

Hope holding Sophie

I just realized Hope has a peacock named Jacques.  I think he was made in China though.


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  1. Aunt Amanda said:

    Hollis LOVED Jaques. I loved Sophie more than both boys ever did. She’s just so cute! FJ did like to chew on her hooves. She’s still intact after experiencing both boys’ infancies. Long live Sophie! Glad Hope’s enjoying her! Careful, though… She’s exhibiting expensive taste already. 😉

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