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First Saucer Experience

We have introduced Hope to the Exer-Saucer!  This was a wonderful hand-me-down gift from our friends David and Leslie.  My sister calls it 360 degrees of FUN!  Sometimes it is so much fun that Hope cries when we take her out of it.  This is new.  Up to this point, Hope has only cried about needs – eat, sleep, pee, poop – those are her cries.  Hope has only needs not wants.  However, in her 17th week, she seems to WANT to play in the saucer.  While in the saucer, she WANTS to put some of the objects in her mouth.  Some don’t reach.  She can’t grip some of the things to get them to her mouth.  This can result in frustration and crying.  Luckily, when she is frustrated, we can swivel her to a different side of the saucer where she can play music or spin a barrel.  Eventually, she might swivel herself back over to what Hope considers to be teething objects.  The frustration might creep back in.

Why else would we take her out of the saucer?  Sometimes Hope spits up and gets it on her hands and arms and even her face.  We don’t really want her playing in her spit up.  We still have to keep a close eye on her while she’s in the saucer.  If she can’t have someone’s full attention, then we can’t let her play in the saucer.  My favorite thing she does is while holding an immovable object in her left hand, she swivels her body and her right hand to another activity on the opposite side.  She either loves what she has in her left hand, or she just doesn’t know that she can let go and be more comfortable and not stretched out over the width of the saucer.

Just in the 2 weeks that she has been using the Exer-Saucer, we have watched her become stronger.  She can hold her head up.  Her balance and body control has improved.  Her hand-eye coordination is better.  It is truly amazing to watch the progress!

She is still young for the saucer and cannot enjoy all it has to offer.  Hope’s best days in the Exer-Saucer are still ahead of her, but she is getting a good head start.

Veteran Exer-Saucerer

Another thing Hope has started doing in the last few days is talking.  Obviously, she doesn’t say words.  She is verbalizing and not just grunting or cooing.  After she eats, she will sit in my lap, rock herself (this is also new), and just blabber.  It’s funny and quite a progression.  She only talks about 2 or 3 times a day.  I wonder if that is going to increase over the next few weeks (and years).

Last Sunday, Hope, Wendy, and I were on the front page of The Tennessean.  We sat for an interview and pictures, but we had no idea it would be on the front page.  Thanks to many of you for sharing it on your facebook!  Hope has an amazing scrapbook.  I don’t know when she will see it, but we have one when the time is right.


Comments on: "A Blessing and a Curse" (2)

  1. Leslie L said:

    I love that girl! Want to see some video… 🙂

  2. How interesting to hear how much she has gotten stronger in the two weeks she’s played in the saucer.

    I was so happy when I read the article in the Tennessean Sunday. The more that people can see it’s not a “weird” thing for gay people to have families, the better the world will be.

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