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I’m sure everyone has a funny story about the first time they fed their baby.  This is a story of unpreparedness which was funny at the time.  I’ll try to tell it, but I think “you had to be there.”

first feeding

While pureeing the peas in my Magic Bullet, I couldn’t get the peas to stay on the blade.  They would just rise to the top of the blender.  I did the best I could, then I decided to just mash the rest with a fork.  Mashed peas are not the same as pureed peas, so we were basically giving Hope solid food.  We thinned them out with some formula, so Hope could get through as much as she wanted.  However, it meant that all the servings of peas that I had stored would have to be redone.  That included buying the Baby Bullet, reading some basic instructions (use the cooking liquid in the puree), and preparing peas, broccoli, and carrots.

Wendy and I were so excited to feed Hope for the first time that we did not prep the feeding area very well.  Wendy wants a high chair, but I am being the scrooge, so we are using the Bumbo with a tray.  We put the Bumbo in the dining room chair without any cover on the chair or floor.  This was probably our biggest mistake.  It was easy to clean green pea mash off of the wood floor but not the off-white seat cushion.  Other than a bib, we didn’t start the feeding with other cleaning cloths.  While Wendy fed Hope, I had to run and get a wash cloth.  Then, I had to go get the wash cloth wet.  Then I had to make formula to thin out the peas.  It sounds like I missed a lot, but Hope didn’t eat a lot.

Hope was hungry, and she is accustomed to having a bottle with a constant supply of food.  The time between bites was frustrating for her, and she didn’t enjoy that.  I do think she enjoyed the peas, but the process made it difficult for her to love the peas.

The funniest thing for me was watching Wendy and Hope experience the first spoon feeding.  Sure, I have seen messy baby pictures, and I have watched babies eat, but none of that prepared me for this sight.  I also did not do a good job of anticipating what Hope would do:  using her tongue to push food out of her mouth instead of into her mouth; nose diving into the spoon of food; putting her hands in her mouth and getting peas on her hands; rubbing her eyes; touching her face; touching the table; touching her hair; sneezing; coughing; swinging her arm at a spoonful of food and knocking it out of Wendy’s hand, etc. etc.  It was hilarious!  Surprising and hilarious!  Actually, it was shocking and hilarious!

We are much better prepared now.  We have better food, a better area, and better anticipation.  Hope doesn’t have her spoon feeding skills yet, but she has managed to digest some peas and carrots.


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