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Our First Fall

I wish I was talking about Autumn, but I’m talking about the fear and shock of Mama Dub falling out of the car and onto the sidewalk with Hope in her arms.

First of all, I can’t believe I haven’t told this story because it happened about a month ago.  I also want to mention that my parents (Gram & Pop) were here for over 2 weeks.  I knew they gave me freedom and help to do many things that normally wouldn’t have been accomplished.  Now that they’ve been gone for over 2 weeks, and I have had Hope by myself for 12 hours a day while Wendy teaches and coaches, I now know how much help they actually provided.

Back to the story.  The 4 of us were getting out of the car.  Wendy was getting out on the curbside with Hope in her arms.  She had one foot on the street, and her back foot got caught in the strap of the diaper bag.  She tried to hop to catch her balance, but the curb was in the way, and she came crashing down.

You never know what your instinct will be in an emergency.  Act or freeze?  Scream or silence?  Brake or accelerator?  Hold tight or release?  Like an excellent mother and NFL wide receiver, Wendy held on to that baby for dear life while keeping both feet in bounds. She fell to her knees then she threw her elbows out in front to take the brunt of the fall and held Hope higher on her shoulder.  Wendy then rolled to her side and kept Hope up in the air.  The side of Wendy’s head hit the sidewalk with less force and Hope’s head came resting gently next to hers.

My dad got there first and Wendy was insisting, “Don’t worry about me.  Take the baby.”  He took Hope who started to cry a little but quickly became quiet, probably a little shocked.  There was not a scratch on her.  My mom helped Wendy up, and they started looking for the cause of the blood on the sidewalk.  It was quickly traced to Wendy’s elbow.  I wouldn’t call it a cut or a gash but a chunk was missing.  After a towel and bandage and a chance to catch our breaths, we continued our trip to get ice cream.  That’s right.  Even though I thought any one of us could break down at any minute, we never lost sight of our goal.

Wendy was light headed that night and sore the next day.  She kept her wound clean and dry, and it is healing fine.  It is scary to think how much worse it could have been.  Hope could have been hurt.  Wendy could have broken her elbow.  There could have been head injuries.  As a coach, I would say that Wendy showed great motherly instincts and athleticism.


Comments on: "Our First Fall" (2)

  1. Amazing how quickly your instincts kick in! You and Wendy are doing great as parents–I enjoy following your journey!

  2. Can I say “good save”!!! I hate Wendy’s elbow had injury, but it sounds like mommy-stincts kicked in perfectly!! Glad you enjoyed the rest of the evening.

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