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So Many Firsts

Hope just turned 7 months old.  I’m sure I will forget some of the milestones that have been going on around this house.  I realize riding in the grocery cart and sitting in a high chair at a restaurant is not exactly a milestone, but it sure makes life easier.

Both sets of grandparents visited Hope in November.  It is a wonderful feeling watching how happy Hope makes her grandparents and how happy they make her.

Grandpa & Hope

Gram & Hope

Hope sat in her high chair at Thanksgiving lunch and ate mashed potatoes.  She loved Marg’s potatoes!  Unrelated to the mashed potatoes, Hope did not sleep that night.  It was our first sleepless night with a sick baby.  She went to the doctor the next morning and was diagnosed with an ear infection.  She is taking amoxicillin.  When I posted this on facebook, I immediately got a lot of feedback about how antibiotics are not the best solution for illnesses.  I got some suggestions for alternative methods of treatment.  While they all sounded like good alternatives, I will probably stick to the old-fashioned pediatrician recommendations.  We did not take Hope to the doctor the first time she got an ear infection, but she was able to sleep through the night with that first one.  So far, it has not been easy to tell when Hope is sick, because her demeanor rarely changes.  She is fairly content.

Medical advice is confusing.  Recently, we talked to a nurse because Hope had diarrhea for 3 or 4 days.  The nurse said stop feeding her formula for 24 hours.  We could give her pedialyte and yogurt.  She could eat cereal, and we could make it with pedialyte.  Everything I have read says Hope should not have whole milk for one year.  The yogurt is made with whole milk.  We did not shop extensively, but all the Gerber yogurts are made with fruit – strawberry, peach, pear, and apple cinnamon (Strawberries and cinnamon are other things Hope should not have during the first year, I’ve read.).  We did not see any vanilla yogurt in the baby food section.  I may not have told you yet, but Hope has shown signs of being allergic to all fruits.  She breaks out with splotches around her eyes when we feed her apples, bananas, peaches, pears, and prunes.  You can add strawberry yogurt to that list.  The splotches go away almost immediately once she stops eating the fruit.

It makes for a fairly limited diet.  Luckily, Hope is good about eating her vegetables.  From what I have read, her tastes will probably change a lot during these first years, and this reaction to fruit will probably change as well.  It felt funny for me to feed Hope things that I had read not to give her.

Eating Keys


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