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A Hope Workout

Hope is a big lady.  She weighs 19 pounds.  I lift, carry, pick up, put down, hold, move, swing, catch, and hold up Hope throughout the day.  I’ve never done anything like that before.  One of the hardest things for me to do is get Hope in and out of the car in her car seat.  The car seat is heavy, and the base sits in the middle of the back seat.  I’m not long enough or strong enough to just reach in the car and put the seat in the base.  I have to rest the car seat on the side of the base, while I put a knee in the seat.  When I get my weight shifted to my knee, then I can lift the car seat again and set it down in the base.

In the Car Seat

I have bad knees, and I have dislocated my kneecap doing far less than this.  I used to take glucosamine-chondroiton for my knees, so I decided to start taking it again.

When Hope was younger and more limp, I took her everywhere in her stroller, the Bob.  I didn’t carry her across parking lots, into stores, or down the street.  Now that she can sit up, I carry her to the store to put her in the basket.  I can only think of one time when I have carried her into a store while I shopped for something.  I carry her into a restaurant and put her in a high chair.  I seem to carry Hope a lot more now.  I thought all of this new activity was causing me great pain in my wrists, hips, and knee.  I even had some neck and back pain.

I remember falling asleep one night and thinking about writing my blog about all this pain.  I thought about writing about how I needed 8 hours of sleep each night to give my body a chance to recuperate before the next day of the physical wear and tear.  My wrist hurt so bad, I could hardly turn a doorknob.  My knee hurt to the touch.  My hips were so sore that when I stood up, I couldn’t walk right away.  I had to ease myself into a limp before I could walk at a regular pace, and that hurt.  I was in pain, and I didn’t know how I was going to survive to Hope’s second birthday.  I thought my body would surely get accustomed to the weight lifting, but it didn’t feel like it at the time.

Halloween Tiger

I had taken all of the vitamins in the bottle on the lower shelf, so I reached up to the big bottle of vitamins on the highest shelf to refill the small bottle that I keep in reach.  I couldn’t remember exactly when I bought those vitamins at Costco, but I assumed it was within the last 18 months.  Actually, it was a lot longer ago than that.  The vitamins expired in 2008.

I was poisoning myself.  That stuff was going straight to my joints and causing me all of this pain.  I was even starting to feel pain in my healthier body parts, like my neck and back.  I had also started breaking out on my legs, arms, and hands.  A phone call to the doctor was long overdue.  Now that I’m not taking the vitamins anymore, I feel fine.  Most of the pain went away immediately.  The pain in the hips held on the longest, but it is gone now.  I still have these blemishes on my hands and legs.  Hopefully, they are not permanent.  At this point, I’m just glad I didn’t kill myself.  I am especially happy that I am not going to be miserable for the next 4 years.  I was worried for a while.


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  1. I am SO glad you figured it out!!! Glad you’re feeling better…who knew expired vitamins could cause so many problems? I love my gummy vitamins…and now I have prenatal gummy vitamins, too!! (all within expiration, of course)

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