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On Dec. 20th, Wendy and I were having lunch together before I went to an event in Cheatham County.  We were supposed to drive to Dallas for the holidays the next day.  At lunch, I told Wendy we could start driving that night and drive through the night.  I assumed I would have adrenaline from the meeting, and it would be good for Hope’s schedule to sleep in the car at night and not during the day.  Well, it was great for Hope, but my adrenaline didn’t make it to Memphis.

While I spent my first day of Christmas vacation in a daze, Hope was beyond stimulated by lights, glitter, snowmen, trees, and snowflakes.  Basically everything in my mom’s house was a jolt to her senses.

I had not planned on doing much for Hope for Christmas.  I imagined spending lots of money on toys, spending time wrapping them, spending time cleaning up, and Hope would rather play with an old shoelace.  Then she wouldn’t remember any of it anyway.

Actually, Hope enjoyed tearing wrapping paper.  She liked bows.  She could take tissue paper out of bags and put it back in.  I was impressed that she paid attention to new toys and didn’t just dive on my shoe.  Maybe I wore shoes without laces.  She doesn’t like those as much.

The other thing I didn’t know is how happy watching Hope with her gifts would make me.  Even at this young age (8 months), she had expressions of amazement, happiness, and excitement.  It was pure joy watching her.  It makes me very excited for future Christmases!

It was also fun to watch Hope interact with family and friends.  She loves Auntie M.  It wasn’t easy getting Hope to go to sleep most nights and some nap times, because she was so worried she was going to miss something.

Hope started crawling while we were in Dallas.  Now that we are home, I must expand my parenting skills.  Hope had a swollen eye and a bump on her forehead within the first few hours of being in our house.  I’m sure I will have more crawling stories very soon.


Comments on: "Baby’s 1st Christmas" (2)

  1. Awww…what a great “baby’s 1st Christmas”!! Glad you guys had a good time in TX. I always wonder how much we will spend on the 1st Christmas since they won’t remember it. Glad to know there is a sense of excitement, even at 8 months old!! Our plan is to start trying in May…we met with our fertility FNP last week. Getting SO excited!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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