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Baby Shoes

I have learned to do many new things, and I have improved at almost all of them.  Changing diapers, changing clothes, putting on socks, spoon feeding, bottle feeding, putting Hope in her car seat, rocking her to sleep, etc., etc.  The one thing I have not learned to do is put shoes on Hope’s feet.

Converse high tops

There are some cute shoes in her closet – miniature adidas Gazelles, mini Toms, Converse, mary janes, and Uggs.

Ugg knock offs

They’re so tiny and adorable.  They look cute on or off Hope’s feet.  Mostly, they are off.  Putting shoes on has been the biggest challenge.  My solution of wearing shoes that were just a little big, because they are easier to put on, didn’t work out, because they just fall right off.  Even shoes that are the appropriate size don’t always stay on because Hope works so hard to take off any shoes on her feet, usually to put them in her mouth.

Eating her Toms

One of the first times I put shoes on Hope was to go to one of Wendy’s soccer games.  I dressed her in a cute little Puma outfit and was determined to put on her adidas Samba’s to go with it.  I don’t remember how long it took me.  Hope would kick off the left shoe before I could get the right one on.  I remember there was sweat and tears involved, both were mine.  After this long struggle, I finally got both shoes on and went to the game.  By the time we got to the field, Hope had kicked off one of the shoes.

my adidas

The heels are the hardest part for me.  Well, the toes are hard too.  Hope is no help.  She is so good about pushing her arm through her shirt sleeves.  It’s not even that hard to put socks on her anymore, but as soon as I try to put a shoe on her, she somehow deforms her foot into a ball or something.  When I finally get her toes in the end of the shoe, she lets her leg go limp, and I can’t push her heel into the bottom of the shoe.  That’s why Hope is usually in socks.  I’m sure we’ve been in public places and people thought, “That redneck baby doesn’t have any shoes on.” OR “That child’s parents are so inappropriate not putting shoes on their daughter.”

One Mary Jane on, one off

I am looking forward to summer.  I think I will be able to put sandals on Hope.  I am not confident though.  I know last summer, she somehow spread all of her toes out when I would attempt to put sandals on her.  I just became aware of something that goes on like a sock but has a sole like a shoe.  I think they are called grippers.  I have not been able to find them in Hope’s size yet.  I think Hope has big feet.  As far as I can tell, she wears a size 3.  They are usually not on well enough or long enough for me to really know what size she wears.


Comments on: "Baby Shoes" (2)

  1. Aunt Amanda said:

    Thy say kids’ feet and balance develop better if they don’t wear shoes anyway. 🙂

  2. blanca walker said:

    If she is learning to walk it is better that she be barefoot. Once she starts walking then just put them on for 10mins or so and take her outside to walk. Sylvie is 13 months and just started leaving her shoes on about 2 weeks ago. Don’t worry it is a process and once she gets the hang of walking she won’t worry about the shoes.

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