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9 and 10 Months

A lot has happened in the last 2 months!

First, Hope is a proud owner of 3 pair of Robeez shoes.  Well, she has 2 pair and one of them is reversible!  So cool!  Thanks for the input and comments on baby shoes.  Robeez are like leather and suede socks.  They are easy to put on.  They must be comfortable, because Hope doesn’t change her behavior at all when we put them on her.  There is no effort to get them off, and they stay on.

Look at my shoes!

Hope crawls, and she can crawl fast.  She prefers to stand and walk while holding on to furniture or toys or people or the cat.  Hope has taken a step or 2.  She crashes pretty fast.  She can stand for a while.  I am in no hurry for her to walk, but it looks like it is going to happen sooner than later.

There is no sign of Hope holding her own bottle.  Actually, she prefers to put her arms straight out, like you open up for a hug, while we feed her with her bottle.

Hope’s first syllable was bah bah.  She made that sound for a while, then she started saying mah mah.  It was the greatest feeling to be with her all day while she was saying mah mah.  Then, she started saying bah bah when she was happy and mah mah when she was crying.  That didn’t feel good.  For a few weeks she only said dah dah.  That is kind of weird in a home with 2 moms.  It definitely goes to show that there are certain constenant sounds that are natural for a baby, and they make those sounds no matter what they are hearing from their surroundings.  I wonder if babies’ determined the mama and dada nicknames by this natural progression.

I got a full time job.  I am the executive director of the GLBT Chamber of Commerce.  It will be interesting to post as a full time working mom.  It is already more work than I imagined.  Hope is in day care 20 hours per week.  We will keep it this way until the summer.  Wendy will be home all summer with Hope.  Then, she will start full time day care in the fall.  She will be about 16 months old, so that should be a good time.

Finally, Hope is learning how to feed herself and eat some solid food.  We had a hard time with her not chewing and gagging and ending every meal in baby barf.  We cut back on giving her solid food for a while.  Then she was refusing to eat the pureed vegetables that I was making her, so we tried the finger food again, and she is doing much better.  She is eating cheerios, bananas, avocado, grapes, cheese, tortillas, and some pasta.  I have never seen such a mess.  I’ve seen other babies eat and pictures of messy eaters, but it’s not the same as when it is your child in your own home.  At least she is learning some independence, except for holding her own bottle.


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