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Active Hope

March and April were tough!  I had a full time job and part time day care.  I was working 9:30am-1:45pm and 9pm-midnight or later most days.  I achieved my goal of

Hope at Cumberland Park

making it to summer vacation.  Now Wendy’s home spending most days with Hope.  We are on a waiting list for Hope to start full time day care in the fall.

These last 2 days (or maybe more) have been wild.  Hope is so active, inquisitive, and playful.  She is talking more and repeating more of what you ask her to say.  Hope knows how to say no, and she says it a lot while I am chasing her across the room to get a phone, remote, glass, tissue, etc. out of her hand.

I was not prepared for how difficult it sometimes is to keep a straight face while scolding Hope, or any child, I’m sure.  Hope might make a face that is funny or say something or do something that makes me laugh right in the middle of getting in trouble.  For example, she knows she is not supposed to play in the cat’s water dish.  I usually catch her before she gets close enough to the bowl to touch it, and most often she will go somewhere else.  Sometimes she will put her hands in the water.  As I walk toward her to punish her, she will get up, turn around, and start running towards me with her hands in the air over her head, and squealing at the same time.  It is very funny and cute, and it makes it difficult to keep a straight face.

We met new friends at a park this past week.  They had 2 boys.  One was 2 years old.  Wendy and I were trying to talk to and get to know this other couple while Hope and Owen played on the small slide.  Owen was happy playing on this slide and playing with his cars and playing around his moms.  Hope kept wandering off.  I would go get her and bring her back, so I could stay involved in the conversation.  It wouldn’t be long, and Hope would walk off again.  I tried a couple of times to bring her back and be social, but I soon gave up, and followed Hope to different parts of the park.  She does not stay in one place long.

see saw at Dragon Park


Comments on: "Active Hope" (1)

  1. Son of a Preacher Man said:

    I can only imagine how funny she must be getting into everything.

    Daycare…wow!! We have called several places for pricing. I would love to use St T but it’s so damn pricey!! One of your friends recommended one very close to us…we were impressed over the phone.

    I can’t wait to spend time in the park meeting other moms and dads…

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