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Well, we’ve started, I think.  Wendy and I had our first meeting with our caseworker at Jewish Family Services.  She gave us our packet of things to do.  One of the things we must do

Hope & Grace

is a self study, where we answer questions about ourselves, our families, and how our family life shaped our character.  There are some other questions, and all of the answers combined should be about 6-10 pages in length.  As we sat there listening to Teri describe the process and go over details of the packet, I was inspired to get everything accomplished within a week or two.  Three weeks later, my packet is sitting on the dining room table, untouched.

Of course, Wendy has been out doing things on the checklist.  She got fingerprinted and had her background check done.  She is gathering some of the other paperwork we need like proof of employment, proof of insurance, etc.  The first thing I identified in this process that I don’t like is the fact that Wendy gave birth to Hope, carried her for 9 months, breastfed her, etc., yet she must do all the same things I have to do like the background check.  Ridiculous.

She also must pay nominal fees for each of these things, which will add up.  The cost of the agency is $1600.  We paid $900 at our initial visit.  I think we pay the rest at the home visit.

I am sure I worked at least 60 hours last week, so I have yet to accomplish much in my packet.  I’ve also been nominated to participate in a group in Nashville that I really want to do.  It’s called Nashville Emerging Leaders.  The application includes short answers, essays, and an updated resume.  Instead of writing my self study, or my NEL application, I am writing a blog entry.

Hope’s 1st haircut


Hope is 16 months old.  With all of her new skills and personality also comes some attitude.  She just doesn’t seem as easy going as she always has been.  It’s more difficult to get her to get in the car, walk down the stairs, stop playing in the trash can, stop traumatizing the cat, and sometimes go to bed.  At the same time, she is more fun to talk to, more fun to play with, and it is much easier to communicate with her.

I feel bad for Hope and Wendy when they go from spending the summer together to the start of school and soccer season.  Often, Wendy leaves before 7am and gets home after 6pm, sometimes later.  The change has been difficult on both of them.  It creates a challenge for us to be prepared each week for any conflicts in our schedule when we might need child care.  The first week or two is the most difficult.  Then, we get used to it, and it just becomes our new schedule.

I’m not sure when I will write my next blog entry.  I am going to complete my NEL application.  Then, I will complete the adoption packet, and I will report back on my experience.


Comments on: "Starting the Adoption Process" (3)

  1. Michelle said:

    I would do you packet for you if I could! Reminds me of the good ole days when I was your “handler”! Love yall!

  2. Diane said:

    I am so proud of you both for participating in the adoption process, I’ve witnessed a close friend go through it and wish y’all luck and patience. It’s not an easy process (emotionally and financially) but I’m told it’s 100% worth it in the end. Casey and I are always available for venting, support and/or babysitting Hope. Love u both!

  3. I can’t wait to hear how this is going. The packet sounds daunting, but worth it. I can’t wait to be going through what you are. Isn’t it funny how you dread the packet, and if I only had a packet to fill out, I’d be thrilled! Ha Thanks for the paving the way, and recording exactly what you’re going through so the rest of us will know what to do.

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