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At the age of 42, I am going through many dramatic changes in my life right now.  As of April 27, 2011 I am a first time mom with my partner of 9 years.  Our daughter’s name is Hope.  I find myself unemployed after a successful 17 year career.  My separation from my employer got the attention of local, national, and social media.  Overnight, I turned into an accidental activist.  I am not only coping well, but I am embracing my new life as an out-lesbian mother.  I am working to become self-employed as a consultant and motivational speaker.

I want to keep the focus of my blog on my family.  I do not plan to write about my involvement in politics or my venture into self-employment, although you might see that stuff in my tweets.  The purpose of my blog is to relate, entertain, educate, motivate, and build community.  I like to write, speak, cook, entertain, set goals, motivate, and achieve.  Will that make me a good mom?


Comments on: "About the Author" (11)

  1. Marcy said:

    How you were raised, your intelligence & the love of your family is why YOU will be a great mom.

  2. Wendy Holleman said:

    Keep it going Lisa!

  3. Uncle T-WAYNE said:

    I am just reminding you that you will need to be changing that age soon….I love you!

  4. In searching for a meetup group of lesbian moms in Nashville (my partner and I are about to begin our journey of TTC), I stumbled upon your blog. Congrats to you on becoming a new mom and kudos for being so open and honest about it 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment! There is a group on facebook called Mommies and Me-Nashville. I’m not sure if it as much a support group as it is a play group, but it’s a group with common interests. We are about to go through the legal process of adopting and name changing, so keep reading!

  5. Kendra Turner said:

    Hello! I was wondering if I could talk to you about your experience with the Nashville Fertility Center. My partner and I are considering using them to help start our family mid summer.
    I would love to hear from you!

    • We had a very positive experience with the Nashville Fertility Center. We used Dr. Christine Whitworth. The staff is friendly. We went for over a year, and Wendy knew everyone’s name, and they always treated us well even the first time we went.

      I don’t know how other places work, but they do have a protocol and it seems to be pretty conservative compared to stories I have heard from friends. Wendy took the most mild of fertility drugs. There were no changes, no meetings, no feedback until every 3rd insemination. The most frustrating time for us was between attempts 4, 5, and 6 when nothing was working, and no one offers any suggestions, just positive thoughts. After a miscarriage, we told Dr. Whitworth that we wanted to be more aggressive, and she was willing to change things up for us, and Wendy got pregnant.

      Certainly, everyone has their own individual experience. If we have #2, we will go back there. Dr. Whitworth sent us a nice note after Hope was born.

  6. Kendra Turner said:

    Thank you so much for your response about NFC. We will be making an appointment there very soon. I’m sure they will help us with what step comes next because we have no idea 🙂 Any updates on any of the legal things? I had read in an earlier post about you looking into adoption and name change.

    • You’re right. They will refer you to a couple of sperm banks. We used Xytek or Xytex. You have to go to a counselor. We used the one they recommended, and it was good. We talked about family support, money, being prepared for any lack of success (which we had), and if/how to tell your child about having a donor parent. It’s one more expense.

      I was unemployed for over a year, and we couldn’t afford to go through the adoption process. Now that I am employed, that is at the top of our list. I will be sure to write about it.

  7. Kendra Turner said:

    We made our first appointment with NFC today. We do not go until May but are very excited. We will be seeing Dr. Whitworth as well 🙂

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