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Baby’s 1st Christmas

On Dec. 20th, Wendy and I were having lunch together before I went to an event in Cheatham County.  We were supposed to drive to Dallas for the holidays the next day.  At lunch, I told Wendy (more…)


Peas, Love, and Hope

I’m sure everyone has a funny story about the first time they fed their baby.  This is a story of unpreparedness which was funny at the time.  I’ll try to tell it, but I think “you had to be there.” (more…)

A Blessing and a Curse

First Saucer Experience

We have introduced Hope to the Exer-Saucer!  This was a wonderful hand-me-down gift from our friends David and Leslie.  My sister calls it (more…)

To Schedule or Not To Schedule

Add Texas to the list of states Hope has visited.  On my side of the family, Hope met 2 great aunts and 3rd and 4th cousins.  On Wendy’s side of the family, Hope met 8 aunts and uncles, a great aunt, a great grandmother, and 13 cousins!  It was great for the family to get to see Hope, but it was wonderful that Hope slept through the night 5 out of 9 nights!  Also, Hope slept much better in the car than she did on the plane. (more…)

Our “Special” Girl

Hope is 7 weeks old today.  The stump of her umbilical cord (more…)

Choosing the Donor

I’ve been up since 4am.  I know I said I was going to write about the trip to San Francisco, but (more…)


As I was mentally preparing to write a post about the number of projects which have come up while making room for baby, I had an emergency project arise.  Maybe project is an exaggerated term, but that’s how I feel.

Last week, I assembled the bassinet on wheels.  The allen wrench is both a blessing and a curse.  We had gotten some toddler dishes at our shower.  They were sitting on the kitchen table, and I decided to wash them and put them away.  There was no cabinet space for plates, bowls, or sippy cups.  I didn’t think about the baby needing kitchen cabinet space.  After looking through the cabinets, I decided that we had two bar spaces.  We had a cupboard full of bar glasses, and we had bottles of liquor in a different cupboard.  When I combined the two, it required getting rid of some glasses.  I packed up 6 cactus marg (more…)

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