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What a week we just had!  The night of 4th of July, Hope did not sleep much.  She was up with bad dreams and/or a fever, teething… you never know exactly.  She was behaving so erratically (more…)


10 Years

Today marks 10 years since I came out… to myself.  I am a late bloomer.  Was I all right with it because I was older? (more…)

More Than One

Recently, we have been spending time with people who have more than one young child.  I have a whole new respect for those parents!  To name a few of them… Holleman (2), Mahaffey (2), Holleman (3 including a set of twins), Priddy (2 less than a year apart), and another Holleman(7).  Wendy and I went into this thinking (more…)

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