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Well, we’ve started, I think.  Wendy and I had our first meeting with our caseworker at Jewish Family Services.  She gave us our packet of things to do.  One of the things we must do Read the rest of this entry »



What a week we just had!  The night of 4th of July, Hope did not sleep much.  She was up with bad dreams and/or a fever, teething… you never know exactly.  She was behaving so erratically Read the rest of this entry »

Title IX

This past weekend on ESPN, they dedicated a lot of time and programming to the 40th anniversary of Title IX.  I loved the piece on the 1999 Women’s World Cup Champions, and there were other great stories, interviews, and games.   I had such mixed emotions while watching it.

Julie Foudy Read the rest of this entry »

Active Hope

March and April were tough!  I had a full time job and part time day care.  I was working 9:30am-1:45pm and 9pm-midnight or later most days.  I achieved my goal of Read the rest of this entry »

10 Years

Today marks 10 years since I came out… to myself.  I am a late bloomer.  Was I all right with it because I was older? Read the rest of this entry »

9 and 10 Months

A lot has happened in the last 2 months!

First, Hope is a proud owner of 3 pair of Robeez shoes.  Well, she has 2 pair and one of them is reversible!  So cool!  Thanks for the input and comments on baby shoes.  Robeez are like leather and suede socks.  They are easy to put on.  They must be comfortable, because Hope doesn’t change her behavior at all when we put them on her.  There is no effort to get them off, and they stay on.

Look at my shoes!

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Baby Shoes

I have learned to do many new things, and I have improved at almost all of them.  Changing diapers, changing clothes, putting on socks, spoon feeding, bottle feeding, putting Hope in her car seat, rocking her to sleep, etc., etc.  The one thing I have not learned to do is Read the rest of this entry »

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